herbst education

At herbst education, we talk about art—and about issues, issues that concern all of us, and how artists tell stories about them or open up new perspectives on them through their work. Since 2021, our year-round program has been devoted to this, while during the festival, we focus on the respective program.

Various workshops for children, adolescents, and adults teach creating art for the purpose of expression as well as methods of engaging with contemporary art in order to open up new perspectives on our lives.

The formats support participants in acquiring and developing the following skills:

  • viewing and understanding contemporary art
  • political judgment
  • political agency
  • methodical skills (comparing, classifying)
  • empathy and adopting different perspectives (discovering, describing, reflecting)
  • linguistic skills (judging, reasoning)
  • social responsibility


We are looking forward to cooperating with your school and are at your disposal for questions or bookings via education [​at​] steirischerherbst.at or by phone via +43 316 823 007 89.

Ideally, we prefer to talk to you in person. We are looking forward to hearing from you!