steirischer herbst ’19

52:15 / Video

Eva Illouz

The Happiness Imperative

58:00 / Video

Hasso Spode

Tourism as an Index Fossil of Modernity—Continuity and Change

1:30:13 / Video

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos

Sonja Khalecallon’s Theirstories of the Retro-Future GoGo Show (2019)

steirischer herbst ’18

05:45 / Video

Christian von Borries

“Land of Music”—A New Year’s Concert (2018)
Musical performance

11:23 / Video

Igor & Ivan Buharov

Örök szándékmező hangolás (Eternal intentionfield tuning) (2018)
Installation and performance

16:09 / Video

Larz Cuzner

The Intelligence Party (2018)
Ongoing project

10:09 / Video


Laibach's Sound of Music (2018)
​Musical performance

03:22 / Video

Yoshinori Niwa

Withdrawing Adolf Hitler from a Private Space (2018)
Installation and video

35:37 / Video

Roman Osminkin

Putsch (After D. A. Prigov) (2018)
Performance and intervention

03:47 / Video

Michael Portnoy

Touching on Everything (2018)

03:17 / Video

Theater im Bahnhof

Hier War Ich Noch Nie – eine Taxichoreografie (I've never been here before—taxi choreography) (2018)

07:10 / Video

Milica Tomić

Exhibiting on a Trowel’s Edge. Research and investigative processes of Aflenz Memorial in becoming (2018)
Milica Tomić in conversation about her installation


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