steirischer herbst ’21

04:59 / Video

Žiga Divjak

Vročina / Fever (2021)

21:44 / Video

Die Rabtaldirndln

Betonfieber: Ein ländlicher Schwank (2021)
(Concrete Fever: A Rural Farce)
Performance and film

55:44 / Video

Lars Cuzner

Situation Report (2021)
Video series, 9.–14.9.21

57:55 / Video

Pia Hierzegger

Situation Report (2021)
Video series, 20.–26.9.21

01:18:41 / Video

Evgeny Morozov

The Way Out of Digital Capitalism
Talk, 15.9.21

01:13:24 / Video

Jason W. Moore

The Way Out of the Climate Crisis
Talk, 8.10.21

steirischer herbst ’20

80:29:47 / Video

Paranoia TV

From 24 September to 18 October steirischer herbst ’20 reacted to the fears and uncertainties of today’s world and reinvented itself as the media consortium Paranoia TV.

steirischer herbst ’19

04:08 / Video

Hanna Rohn

The Pleasure Is All Ours (2019)

05:55 / Video

Zorka Wollny

Voicers—Oratorio for Five Speakers and a Listening Crowd (2019)

11:05 / Video

Theater im Bahnhof

The Game with the Vicious Circle

04:35 / Video

Gernot Wieland

Past, Present, Present, Past (2019)

50:04 / Video

Stephan Lessenich

Next to Us, the Deluge—The Society of Externalization and Its Costs

16:49 / Video


Eduard Freudmann, Thomas Geiger, and Elizabeth Ward
​Installations and performances

13:34 / Video

Palais Attems

Wax Fruit from Admont Abbey, Artur Żmijewski, Gernot Wieland, Oscar Murillo, Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze


52:15 / Video

Eva Illouz

The Happiness Imperative

58:00 / Video

Hasso Spode

Tourism as an Index Fossil of Modernity—Continuity and Change

1:30:13 / Video

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos

Sonja Khalecallon’s Theirstories of the Retro-Future GoGo Show (2019)

steirischer herbst ’18

05:45 / Video

Christian von Borries

“Land of Music”—A New Year’s Concert (2018)
Musical performance

11:23 / Video

Igor & Ivan Buharov

Örök szándékmező hangolás (Eternal intentionfield tuning) (2018)
Installation and performance

16:09 / Video

Lars Cuzner

The Intelligence Party (2018)
Ongoing project

10:09 / Video


Laibach's Sound of Music (2018)
​Musical performance

03:22 / Video

Yoshinori Niwa

Withdrawing Adolf Hitler from a Private Space (2018)
Installation and video

35:37 / Video

Roman Osminkin

Putsch (After D. A. Prigov) (2018)
Performance and intervention

03:47 / Video

Michael Portnoy

Touching on Everything (2018)

03:17 / Video

Theater im Bahnhof

Hier War Ich Noch Nie – eine Taxichoreografie (I've never been here before—taxi choreography) (2018)

07:10 / Video

Milica Tomić

Exhibiting on a Trowel’s Edge. Research and investigative processes of Aflenz Memorial in becoming (2018)
Milica Tomić in conversation about her installation


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