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Press Releases

↘  steirischer herbst ’22 Summary, 14.10.22

↘  steirischer herbst ’22 A War in the Distance Program, 13.9.22

↘  steirischer herbst ’22 A War in the Distance Concept Presentation, 30.6.22

↘  steirischer herbst ’22 A War in the Distance. Prologue, 17.5.22

↘  steirischer herbst director and chief curator: reappointment of Ekaterina Degot, 17.3.22

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Werner Fenz Grant for Art in Public Space

  • Peter Baren, Echo of Histyria (1988), Uhrturm, Graz, Bezugspunkte 38/88, steirischer herbst ’88, courtesy of the artist, photo: Christian Jauschowetz
    ↘  Download

steirischer herbst Research Residency Fellowship

  • Lisa Moravec, steirischer herbst Research Residency Fellow 2022, photo: Dietmar Reinbacher
    ↘  Download
  • Eike Wittrock, steirischer herbst Research Residency Fellow 2022, photo: Dietmar Reinbacher
    ↘  Download
  • steirischer herbst Archive, photo: Johannes Puch
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