Zeitgenössische Musik hören und verstehen
(Listening to and Understanding Contemporary Music)

The year 1968 not only saw the birth of steirischer herbst, but also the first edition of ORF musikprotokoll. Since then, it has been documenting the current state of contemporary music as a music festival within the festival. But what does that mean? What does musikprotokoll want? And why does it sound (funny) the way it does?

In the counterpart to our basic format on visual art, we analyze contemporary music based on a number of musikprotokoll projects from recent years. It quickly becomes clear that music can and wants to do more than just accompany us. Composers tell stories, highlight, and render areas of our world visible for which had no eye by making audible what we had no ear for.

A short excursion into the history of musikprotokoll is followed by a practical part in which participants transform their surroundings into a sound collage.

Location: schools
Duration: 2–3 hours
Grade: year 5 and above
Group size: up to 30 people
Subjects: Musik, Kunst und Gestaltung, Geschichte, and Politische Bildung
Cost: free for educational institutions

For further information, please call +43 316 823 007 89

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