Zeitgenössische Kunst sehen und verstehen (Viewing and Understanding Contemporary Art)


Not infrequently, contemporary art works with irritation and seems complicated and difficult at first sight. But it can be quite simple: art works on particular subjects can stimulate viewers to reflect and discuss.

A small creative exercise at the beginning opens the space for interpretation and communication. Afterward, contemporary art is dealt with in its basic features: past productions are separated into artistic concept and statement on the basis of archive materials.

In a practical part, participants take on the role of artists themselves, photographing scenes or still lifes and expanding their photos with personal comments. Finally, the works are presented and discussed.

This basic format prepares students for exhibition and performance visits, which herbst education is happy to organize during steirischer herbst or throughout the year at partner institutions.

Location: in schools
Duration: 2–3 hours
Grade: year 5 and above
Group size: up to 30 people
Subjects:  Kunst und Gestaltung, Geschichte, and Politische Bildung
Price: free for educational institutions

For further information, please call +43 316 823 007 89

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