(Projection / Reflection)

Films are an essential part of steirischer herbst. Both existing works and films produced for the festival can be typically found in larger group exhibitions, which they enrich with their images and themes.

With Projektion/Reflexion, students can watch a selection of festival films from recent years and discuss them together—throughout Styria and beyond the duration of the festival.

With three custom film packages and a debriefing accompanied by herbst education, the format covers one of the following topics:

→ steirischer herbst
On the creation of the festival, the social and political situation in the 1960s, and how steirischer herbst and its themes have evolved over the years.

→ borders and memory
On how wars, conflicts, and borders in and around Europe have left traces across generations.

→ the power of representation
On past and present representations of the other in the context of politics, social media, and the self-perception of adolescents.

Location: schools and cinemas
Duration: 2–3 hours
Grade: year 5 and above
Group size: up to 100 people
Subjects: Geschichte and Politische Bildung
Cost: 4 euros per person

For further information, please call +43 316 823 007 89

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