Welcome to Grand Hotel Abyss

Vorherbst announces the title of its upcoming edition and gets prepared for a new festival season

14.12.18 / Text

Season greetings, or: Volksfronten’s critical inquiry of (hyber-)nation
Vorherbst Magazine takes a winter break and will be back with fresh ideas and plenty of stimula for future debates in spring 2019.

19.11.18 / Video

Our Little Fascisms #6

Tobias Ginsburg and Lars Cuzner in conversation with Dominik Müller

16.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


What assails the eye is the total lack of commerce

15.11.18 / Video

Our Little Fascisms #5

Ishay Landa and Nikola Vukobratović in conversation with David Riff 

13.11.18 / Postcards from Graz

Hotel Daniel

The promise of affordable seaside vacations, with a beautiful view of the beach for everyone

9.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


A city within a city, a world unto itself

6.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


Here, on the periphery of the city, the first workers’ settlements sprung up

2.11.18 / Video

Archaeological imagination

Lecture by Michael Shanks in the frame of Milica Tomić's Exhibiting on a Trowel’s Edge. Research and investigative processes of Aflenz Memorial in becoming (2018)

30.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Everything from magic shows to cabaret, operettas, acrobats, jugglers, and exotic dancers

26.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


“Strictly speaking the French were besieging a giant prison, not a fortress”

23.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


A staircase zigzags up to the ruins of the mountain-top fortress

20.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Undisciplined, domestic, pulsing with everyday life

17.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Hitler’s pathway to the hearts of the Austrian people

10.10.18 / Postcards from Graz

Am Eisernen Tor

There is something incongruous about the triangular city plaza.

21.9.18 / Video

“Women Are Stupid”

Eternal Leader Cuzner is in Graz today and announces his candidacy for the EU parliament in a breathtaking video.

18.9.18 / Video (in German)

My Name is Language (2018)

Nicoline van Harskamp shares some research material as a glimpse into her new performance for steirischer herbst’18.

15.9.18 / Text

Victoria Lomasko

The Moscow-based artist on the crossroads of Soviet and Russian Orthodox aesthetics, where she finds the voiceless Russian people.

30.8.18 / Video

Fuck Your Values!

Lars Cuzner, the Eternal Leader of the Intelligence Party, offers a brief glimpse at his upcoming adventures in Graz.

24.8.18 / Video

herbst portrait #5: Roman Osminkin

Making Schloßbergplatz his stage, Roman Osminkin gives Graz’s locals and tourists a taste of his poetic actionism.

17.8.18 / Text

G. M. Tamás
On Post-Fascism (2000)

This text appeared over 18 years ago, and seems near-prophetic today, its diagnosis of the politics of citizenship in Europe more relevant than ever.

17.8.18 / Video

herbst portrait #4: Igor & Ivan Buharov

In a preview of their new work, Igor and Ivan Buharov navigate between bio-energetics, anarchism and the occult, hypnotizing a couple of plants on their way.

17.8.18 / Text

Possibilitarian Platform (2003)

Paradise is possible, says Bread & Puppet Theater in their 2003-manifesto, even in a world under siege by the enemies of nature. 

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