Program ’18 / Volksfronten

Call for Participation: Putsch (After D.A. Prigov) by Roman Osminkin

steirischer herbst is looking for participants for one of the festival’s opening performances:
Putsch (After D. A. Prigov) by Roman Osminkin (St. Petersburg)
Performance and intervention on Schloßbergstiege and Schloßbergplatz, 20.9., 19:30

steirischer herbst invites people from Graz and environs, to participate in an open-air performance by the Russian artist Roman Osminkin.

About the project

Roman Osminkin (1979, St. Petersburg) is a poet, and  performer, who experiments with “poetic actionism.” Working between music, performance and the spoken word, he continues the tradition of great Russian conceptual poets such as Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov (1940–2007). For steirischer herbst he creates a new performance that takes place on the opening night of the festival and for which he loosely adapts Prigov’s 1990 Coup. A Play for Two Loudspeakers.
Two loudspeakers compete, shouting equally senseless political statements and literary references at one another, while performers on the Schloßbergstiege assemble and disassemble slogans, fragmenting ideological notions into word and letter. Meanwhile, an undercover chorus mingles with the crowd on the square in front of the stairs and sings, in whispers, WWI-era military songs, reminding us of the checkered historical background of this iconic touristic attraction, also known to many in Graz as the “Russian Steps.”

Participants in the performance (12 to 15 people)

People of all gender and age are invited to participate who have sufficient physical condition to walk up and down the Schloßbergstiege (for a longer period of time) and perform simple sequences of everyday movements. Professional experience is not required: movement-based training (dance, theater) is an advantage, but a good feel for rhythm and timing is enough!

Participants of the choir (5 to 10 people)

People of all gender and age are invited to participate who have experience with singing, are open to learning songs in different languages and interested in contributing to the project with songs they know. The artist is especially interested in subverting military songs: is it possible to sing them differently and in such a way undermine their patriotic-nationalist pathos, without giving up on the cultural memory connected to them?

Schedule of collaboration: meetings and rehearsals

Info meetings:
Fri 27.7. or alternatively, Fri 10.8., 17:00–19:00, steirischer herbst, Sackstraße 17, 8010 Graz
Workshop with the artist: Sat 11.8., 10:00–14:00 (with participants of the choir), 16:00–20:00 (with participants of the performance)

Rehearsal times: 17.9., 18.9., 19.9. (exact times tbc)

Performance: 20.9., 19:30. Duration ca 45 min.

Working languages: English, German, Russian

Participants will receive remuneration in the form of an allowance.

If interested, please confirm your participation at and send us a few lines about yourself and your artistic experience, if applicable.

We are very much looking forward to working together!
Program ’18 / Volksfronten
Putsch (After D. A. Prigov) (2018)
Performance and intervention