Interactive Demon Tour

Something is rotten in Mariagrün. Between villas, the Hilmteich, and the Leechwald, you come across abnormalities. Or paranormalities? Maybe Demon Radio emits more than just radio frequencies. Or it is the artistic interventions by Markus Sworcik and René Stiegler.

Find out in the paper chase, no, in the Interactive Demon Tour!

Here’s how:

1. Download the free Actionbound app here.
2. Start the tour with this link.

Have fun!

Mon–Sun 24/7
via app or as a print version

Starting point
Demon Radio, Hilmteichstraße 113
8043 Graz

7.10., 18:00–1:00
ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen
Interactive Demon Tour
Meeting place: Demon Radio, Hilmteichstraße 113