steirischer herbst continues a series of discussions begun in February 2023, connecting exhibition- and festival-making with urgent political and social issues, locally and globally. The discussion casts a wide look on projects working with unresolved and troubled histories in various contexts. Why are many curators of contemporary art turning to historical artworks, contexts, or figures? When are references to the past harmful or unproductive? When is it a conscious critique of a neoliberal city politics that, all over the world, exploits the vocabulary of the future?

With Defne Ayas, Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler, Tom Engels, Elisabeth Fiedler, Ruth Noack, and Ares Shporta

8.10., 11:00–17:00

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 30
8010 Graz

Free admission

Registration: tickets [​at​]

In English