Bernhard Wolf
Fuck the Solar System / Burning Down the House


How can one take a stand in the face of impending ecological catastrophe and heated social discourse? Using a song title by Talking Heads from 1984, artist Bernhard Wolf creates a platform for debate and, at the same time, addresses the culture of debate. Clearly, neither our personal nor social actions and deeds can continue as before, but carbon removal certificate trading, flexitarianism, and flight shame alone will not save us. Even classic protest attitudes à la “fuck the system” fall flat in the face of the complexity and dimension of the threat.

Only readable at second glance, sparsely placed signs in a former upper-class villa’s foyer coalesce into an artistic commentary on social discourse. As an ultimate nihilistic and at the same time absurd gesture, the fictitious revolt against the forces of the solar system questions the premises of social discourse.

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ’23


Leechgasse 24
8010 Graz
Mon–Sun 9:00–20:00

Free admission

25.9., 19:00
Birgit Bednar-Friedl, Thomas Brudermann, Manuel Grebenjak, Alois Kölbl, Bernhard Wolf
Klimagerechtigkeit, Wohlstand und historische CO₂-Verantwortung (Climate Justice, Prosperity, and Historical Carbon Responsibility)
With an interview with Ilona M. Otto
Moderation: Thomas Wolkinger

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ’23