Der zeitanalytische Kunstkosmos von Peter Angerer

(GO&STAY: The Time-Analytical Art Cosmos of Peter Angerer)


Art is closely related to elementary social issues and yet uses its own specific forms of expression: this is the credo of Styrian artist Peter Angerer, who has been exploring this field for many years with an almost unbelievable meticulousness and consistency, making differences visible and uniting complexity and reduction in an autopoietic field.

Angerer approaches the artistic treatment of basic metaphors for the process and structure of the world with an enormous store of knowledge related to the philosophy of time. In GEHEN&BLEIBEN, fundamental contemporary experiences are translated into and interpreted through art in toppling houses, off-kilter forms, lost grounding, and interstices that reopen again and again.

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ʼ23


Mariahilferplatz 3/I+II
8020 Graz  ♿
Tue-Sat 11:00–17:00, Sun 15:00–18:00

8/5 euros (free admission for people 18 and younger)

Curated by Johannes Rauchenberger

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ʼ23