Grazer Kunstverein
Pan Daijing
Until Due Time, Everything Is Else


Grazer Kunstverein presents the first institutional exhibition of Berlin-based Chinese artist, performer, and composer Pan Daijing in Austria. Known for her compelling and sensitizing durational performances and music, the exhibition focuses on the afterlives of Pan Daijing’s transient oeuvre. Unfolding through video, performance traces, site-specific interventions, and sound, it rearticulates materials that have been deemed past, forgotten, or mourned and conjures a site where they can be summoned anew. Overall, the exhibition transforms and complexifies a linear notion of time, performance, and documentation, and how they inextricably and sensitively feed one another.

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ’23


Grazer Kunstverein
Palais Trauttmansdorff
Burggasse 4
8010 Graz (partly  ♿)
Wed–Sun 12:00–18:00

4/2 euros

22.9., 18:00

30.9., 11:00
Talk with Tom Engels

A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ’23