Camera Austria


The exhibition series Exposure explores exposure practices as a basic theme of photography. The title takes its cue from the ambiguity of the term, which denotes not only the photographic process of exposure but also the state of being unprotected, the vulnerability of bodies, or the revelation of secrets. The works on display render the immediate environment visible and touch on the reciprocal relationship between artist and object. Artists from different generations engage in a dialogue about the extent to which relationship dynamics and fragility can be represented. A special focus is placed on how reflexive and documentary approaches interrelate.


Camera Austria
Lendkai 1
8020 Graz  ♿
Tue–Sun 10:00–18:00

11/4.50 euros

15.9., 18:00

7.10., 19:00
Curator tour with Anna Voswinckel
In the context of ORF Lange Nacht der Museen

14.10., 16:00
Lisa Holzer
Performative reading

Curated by Anna Voswinckel

Artists: Laurence Bonvin, Seiichi Furuya, Lisa Holzer, Erich Lázár, Flo Maak, Sophie Meuresch, Georg Petermichl, Stefanie Seufert, Niklas Taleb, Manfred Willmann