Schul-herbst-Tage (herbst School Days)


School sport weeks are a standard part of the curriculum’s tourist periphery.

Once the handling of equipment has been clarified, the fear of black slopes or sailing at higher wind speeds disappears.

Rather cheekily, herbst Education borrows this concept for its format Schul-herbst-Tage. For three to five days, young people are accompanied from their first contact with contemporary art via creative experiments to the point where they’ve developed an independent understanding of art. Contemporary art, which may seem irritating and initially incomprehensible, is rendered accessible through observation, interpretation, reflection, and discussion. Beginning with an introduction to contemporary art, followed by practical workshops, and culminating in a final presentation or a museum visit, educators accompany the students through the multi-day format.

The units’ content is adapted to the school type and age group.

Group size and project funding are discussed individually.

Location: in schools
Duration: 3–5 days
Grade: year 6 and above

For further information, please call +43 316 823 007 89

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