DJ interlude at herbstbar

Kabir Delić aka delićious was born in Graz to Bosnian parents. Already as a child, on long car rides with his father, he discovered his passion for music from the 80s. The love for this era of music history continues to this day and is reflected in his sets, which are a mix of disco, house, and Italo. On 24 September, he can be heard at herbstbar at Feinkost Mild from 17:00–20:00 as part of the DJ interlude series.

Ajna Babahmetović aka Gasolina is part of the duo Blyskawica & Gasolina, who wowed audiences at Elevate Festival this year, among others. The twin sisters, who originally hail from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have since moved to Graz, look for smooth transitions from new club to jazz and bass in their DJ sets. This is not the first time Gasolina has been part of the festival. In 2019 she DJed at herbstkantine, this year she plays at herbstbar at Feinkost Mild on 1 October from 17:00–20:00 as part of the DJ interlude series.

24.9., 1.10., 17:00–20:00

Kabir Delić aka delićious

Ajna Babahmetović aka Gasolina

herbstbar at Feinkost Mild
Stubenberggasse 7
8010 Graz