ZwangLOS! (Away with Constraints!)
Über die Grenzen der Zumutbarkeit (Beyond the Bounds of Reason)


With its ZwangLOS! (Away with Constraints!) project, the literary magazine manuskripte confronts both audience and authors with the constraints that influence art. However, the aim is not to free artists from these constraints, but rather, to consciously reinforce them—a revelation that creates new perspectives.  

On each of two days, two authors occupy workstations at the manuskripte archive. What they write, how much they write, over which stretch of time, and in what form they write, what they have to drink during the writing process, et cetera, is not up to them. With the help of a menu, visitors can “order” a work of literature—placing one of the authors under constraints with which they must comply. Documentation of the work they are compelled to perform consists not only of the “delivered” text, but—depending on the menu choice—may also include photography, written logs, blood pressure measurements, et cetera produced by the second author.

29.9., 30.9., 16:00–19:00

Sackstraße 17
8010 Graz

Free admission

Authors: Florian Dietmaier, Max Höfler, Katrin Köhler, Verena Stauffer

Supported by steirischer herbst ’22