Grazer Kunstverein
Maria Toumazou


RHYTHM, CITIZEN converges the brand names of two manufacturers of clocks and watches: Rhythm and Citizen. In this mutual implication of time and populace, they set the scene for an exhibition that unravels and complicates how the measures of time move and make move; how they give pulse to artifacts, their fictions, and patina; how their fleetingness tantalizes the making of an image.

RHYTHM, CITIZEN punctuates the Grazer Kunstverein by way of sculpture, photography, design, and situated interventions. It marks the instance when time is halted, frozen, and encrusted, and then again set into motion.

RHYTHM, CITIZEN takes shape through the cadence of a poem, the periodicity of labor, the sliding of glass doors, the frequencies of life, the patterns of music, and the movement marked by a succession of strong and weak elements.

Maria Toumazou (1989, Cyprus) is an artist and publisher based in Nicosia. RHYTHM, CITIZEN is her first institutional solo presentation.

23.9., 18:00
24.9., 17:00, 21:00
9.10., 16:00


23.9., 18:00

24.9., 17:00
Artist Talk / Book presentation with Maria Toumazou

24.9., 21:00
steliosilchuk / x.ypno
Cafe Wolf, Annenstraße 18,
8020 Graz

9.10., 16:00
Parallel Program Tour

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4/2 euros (free admission for members of the Grazer Kunstverein, ADKV, ICOM, Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur, and unemployed people)

Curated by Tom Engels

The exhibition is realized with the generous support of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture – Cultural Services, Point Centre for Contemporary Art, and steirischer herbst ’22. Maria Toumazou’s residency at Grazer Kunstverein is made possible with the support of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture—Cultural Services (through the TRANSIT 2022 Artist Residency Programs scheme).

The exhibition would not be possible without the support of Hot Wheels Athens, Claudia Paschalides, Mariel Kouveli, and Orestis Lazouras.