Barbara Juch

Barbara bezahlt bar (2023)

The problem with class is nobody really knows to which class they truly belong. Barbara Juch’s new show for herbst cabaret takes a unique look at social ascriptions and boundaries in Austria—a country where the ruse of equal opportunity faces off against old wealth. Juch explains what ironing embroidered underpants has to do with book deals, why well-told origin stories so often come with old money in plastic bags, on which finger noble families in Graz wear their signet ring, and what it means to keep paying cash for your entire life.

Barbara Juch (1988, Klagenfurt, Austria) writes poetry (BAR BAR A, Verlagshaus Berlin, 2020), essays (Sport, Verlagshaus Berlin, 2023), and for the stage (Making a Great Gatsby, which premiered at Schauspielhaus Graz in 2022). She studied English literature in Vienna and New York and completed a masterʼs degree in critical studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Juch lives in Vienna.

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ʼ23

7.10., 22:00
8.10., 20:00

Forum Stadtpark (basement)
​Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz  ♿

18/14 euros per evening

Duration: 45 min.


In German

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ʼ23