Die Rabtaldirndln

Betonfieber (2021)
Ein ländlicher Schwank

A farce about the rather non-farcical topic of soil sealing is staged at Hoftheater Hainersdorf. Let us imagine that there is a place where there’s an inn, and that this inn is a normal inn only at first sight. In addition to breakfast and a wellness center, it offers good business for potential investors from the city: it provides quarters and a realtor’s office. Let us call it Ursel Inn. At Ursel Inn, cement fever is rampant. Here the Rabtaldirndln perform all  roles and scenes, from the local councilman to the investor, from the cunning mayor to the city planner. The collective take a good look at the inner workings of close-knit old boys’ clubs when it comes to exchanging favors and helping each other get contracts. So that every last blade of grass is covered in mortar. It will be hard, hard like cement, and it will be a lot of fun.

Die Rabtaldirndln are a theater company from Graz founded in 2003 by Barbara Carli, Rosi Degen, Bea Dermond, Gudrun Maier, and Gerda Saiko. They write and produce their own plays, which deal with the tense relations between city and countryside and often tackle global issues as seen in small town locales. They tour broadly but are based in Graz.

26.6.21, 27.6.21, 1.7.21, 2.7.21, 3.7.21, 4.7.21, 6.7.21, 8.7.21, 9.7.21, 10.7.21, 19:00

Hoftheater Hainersdorf
Hainersdorf 39
8264 Hainersdorf

Tickets: 15/12 euros
→  Available online

On 27 June there will be a bus from Graz to the performance.
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Concept and production: Die Rabtaldirndln and Ed. Hauswirth
Director: Ed. Hauswirth
Actors: Barbara Carli, Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Bea Dermond, and Gudrun Maier
Tech: Christina Bergner
Set and costume design: Georg Klüver-Pfandtner
Literary advisor: Dominik Müller
Outside eye: Gerda Saiko

Coproduced with steirischer herbst ’21

Generously supported by the municipality Großwilfersdorf