Education and outreach

The education and outreach program for steirischer herbst ’21 is based entirely on the title The Way Out and its participatory approach. The catchwords “opening up” and “way out” here apply not only to the pandemic crisis, but also to art and many other areas of life. By means of the various artworks, we will open a wide field of possibilities and topics for a broad audience and invite them to participate. All who are interested can venture into the general education program; for professional visitors there will once again be more in-depth formats.

In addition to a basic program and the in-depth discursive formats, we offer project-related workshops and participatory programs. The basic program consists of short and comprehensive tours of the artworks of The Way Out as well as of the parallel program and the festivals within the festival. In addition, there are discussions before and after performative projects.

During the year, a long-term and constant dialogue with various experts and communities—both makers of, and participants in, individual art projects of this year’s steirischer herbst—creates a special resonance chamber and forms fertile ground for a further exchange of knowledge, also for upcoming festival editions.

Dates & formats

The dates of the education and outreach program for steirischer herbst ’21 that are already confirmed can be found here. Further dates and formats are published in September.

Sunday excursions

On 27 June, there is a supporting program for the project Betonfieber by Die Rabtaldirndln: On a bus tour from Graz to the venue in Hainersdorf, guide Maria Baumgartner offers insights, background information, and stimulating questions about the topics covered in the piece. After the performance, curator Dominik Müller and the company members reflect on the process of creation and discuss it with the audience.

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Further Sunday excursions are offered for the project Es warat wegen morgen by Felix Hafner. Here too, interested parties can take a bus from Graz to the three different venues: in Deutschlandsberg on 12 September, in Weiz on 19 September, and in Maria Lankowitz on 26 September, the audience can look forward to an exciting performance and an insightful supporting program.

ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen

On 2 October, the ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen takes place once again, and steirischer herbst is among the participants. During this evening, young and old can take part in short, low-threshold overview tours or find a “way out” artistically at a participatory event.


A separate program for apprentices and pupils will be offered directly to the schools. Further information will follow shortly.