steirischer herbst university programs

The newly established steirischer herbst university programs, introduced with a workshop for students of Austrian universities in October 2021, aims to close the gap between curatorial practice and academic theory. The program is conceived as a collaboration between steirischer herbst and departments of art and cultural theory at universities in Austria. It includes discursive events planned and executed in conjunction with steirischer herbst, workshops with and by experts working for the festival, as well as lectures which will engage on a deeper level with the festival’s topics and art productions. The program runs throughout the year, beyond the festival’s key dates. In relation to this program, international fellowships for researchers and artists will be announced.

With Milan Hrbek, doctoral researcher at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, steirischer herbst welcomed its first fellow in autumn 2021.

In April 2022, the call for the second steirischer herbst Research Residency Fellowship was published. Out of more than seventy applicants, two candidates were selected, who have been conducting research in the steirischer herbst archive since early August and September, respectively. The results of the two residencies will be presented in two public lectures during steirischer herbst ’22.