Apparatus 22 (RO)

Morpheus Buyback

34% performance
17% discourse
49% game
The nightmare sits heavily on the chest, sleep becomes torment. The Romanian artist group Apparatus 22 opens the district shop for plagued dreamers until late into the night: in a strict exchange ritual, the customers hand over their nightmares and receive an amulet as a positive, hand-made voodoo charm in return. An other-worldly shopping ceremony which promises tangible help through a short-circuit in the usual flow of money in the market economy by utilising the knowledge of ancient Romanian rituals as a cry of help to other worlds.
“Morpheus Buyback” is a journey to the collective unconscious of the citizens of Graz, a confrontation with the private, uncharted wilderness. Come by day or by night, when fear has robbed you of sleep.

  Apparatus 22: Morpheus Buyback    

Festival district: Shop

By and with Apparatus 22: Maria Farcas, Ioana Nemes, Dragos Olea & Erika Olea
Design Olah Gyarfas
Sound Rochite

In memory of
Ioana Nemes (1979 - 2011)
Commissioned by steirischer herbst
With support from Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Wien

Date and Facts

Sat 24/09 & Sun 25/09,
2.30pm - 2 am
Festival district: Shop

Admission free

Festival district: Shop