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steirischer herbst 2007
40 Jahre steirischer herbst

27/09/2007 – Nature Theater of Oklahoma: No Dice
29/09/2007 – Theater im Bahnhof: Between Bones and Rockets
30/09/2007 – Black market for useful knowledge & non-knowledge
13/10/2007 – Close Enough Walking Conference

44.500 visitors, 270 events on 25 festival days, over 700 artists, theorists and other participants, more than 92% ticket sales for stage events and concerts - this is the steirischer herbst 2007 résumé in numbers.

Kmet (A)
Electric Songs
Concert and party for the opening of steirischer herbst 2007

Close Enough, too much and too little in everyday life, geo-politics and aesthetics »more

More than 200 journalists were accredited at steirischer herbst 2007. The résumé drawn by the media can be found

Images of the Festival - steirischer herbst 2007  »here

International Festival:
The Theatre at Karmeliterplatz »more
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They are diarists and writers-in-residence, minute-takers and observers. They note, sketch, photograph ...

Randnotizen : 29/10/2007 : Thomas Kapielski : Donnerwetter